Past Life Study

There are many individuals who do not feel comfortable in thir own skin.  Whether they do not identify with the gender they were born with, feel like they should be a different race, or feel they should be disabled when they are not, these individuals live life every day wondering why they feel this way.  Many of them live double lives and struggle with who they are internally vs. what the world sees externally. 

For my dissertation I would like to expore the possiblity of past lives and the impact on ones current life as it directly relates to soul's disassociation with the human body.  To do this, I need your help.    If you feel your physical body does not match who you are on the inside, please take a moment to complete the survey below.  

If you have a story you would like to share, please email me at  

if you would like to participate and significantly contribute by doing a past life regression with me free of charge, please complete the form below and I will be in contact with you.  I will select 5 individuals who I feel best meet the criteria.  If you would like to do a PLR aside from the study, please contact me for a consultation.  

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