How Can Hypnosis Help YOU?

Every day we are told we "can't" or, we "need".  These false messages we receive on a daily basis, some from as far back as childhood, enter our subconscious and through repetition and we learn to accept those messages as truth.  Hypnosis helps you turn inward within yourself to find the power, already within you, to change those thought patterns.  Bringing your thought patterns in line with the real Truth is the key to living a successful, grounded, happy, empowered life and, in turn, achieving more than you previously believed you could!

Hypnosis has helped many people, just like you, bring their thought patterns in line and overcome obstacles that have hindered their success in many areas of their lives.  Soulcare Hypnosis specializes in Past Life Regression:

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Your Hypnotist

Tiffany Ruiz, C. Ht., is a Certified Hypnotist and an Ordained MetaphysicalMinister who specializes in Past Life Regression (PLR).  Tiffany's goal is to help you achieve your dreams, enhance your performance, and overcome obstacles through hypnosis.  

She has been studying the metaphysical and hypnosis since she was nine years old.  She currently holds a Master of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics and is working toward her doctorate.   She is also a member of the American Alliance of Hypnotists as well as the American Hypnosis Association. 

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Hypnosis and Benefits

Hypnosis has been used throughout the ages to help people just like you achieve their dreams and goals.  It is a technique used and recognized by the American Medical Association, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Religious Institutions the world over.

Find out how it helped Paranormal Kool Aid skeptic and host, Chris Medina by listening in to a recent interview I did with him about his own Past Life Regression.  

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Online Hypnosis

Online Hypnosis, also termed as "Skypenosis" is a modern twist on an ancient technique.  All of the benefits of hypnosis are brought directly to you via Web and/or phone with a live, Certified Hypnotist.   No traffic, no strange office, all you need is a quiet place where you feel comfortable and can relax, a pair of headphones and an internet connection (with a camera).   That's it! 

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Please Note

The hypnosis practiced here is aimed at assisting you in accessing your higher consciousness and empowering you to achieve your goals. I am not a medical doctor, practitioner, psychologist, therapist, or mental health counselor, and I make no claims to that effect. I believe that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, a natural and innate ability within every individual. Despite research results suggesting otherwise, I do not make any claims regarding health benefits resulting from my services. I am a Metaphysical Practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science and an ordained minister. Additionally, I am an Advanced Certified Hypnotist, with a special certification in Past Life Regression. Results may vary by individual. If you have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, any mental illness, medical illness, or pain, please consult with your physician or mental health care provider to address those concerns.

*Individual Results May Vary