Host a Past Life Regression Party!

Want to find out who you were in a past life?  Have some friends who want to know if their potential life partner is really their soul mate?  Ever wondered what your purpose in this life truly is?  Does your best friend want to know why she is afraid of water?  For the cost of a dinner you can enjoy an unforgettable night with friends and possibly find the answers to these questions and so much more!  What's the best part?  There is zero cost for the host!*

What is a Past Life Regression Party?

A Past Life Regression Party (PLR Party for short) is a time when you and your friends come together to explore a past life you have lived previous to this one through group regression hypnosis.  It is a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved!  Guests can explore who they have been in previous lives, revisit memories long forgotten, or simply enjoy the relaxation a hypnosis session can provide.  

While the session is conducted as a group, each person will experience their own unique past life journey.  When you are looking for a fun and unique experience for you and your friends, a PLR Party is hard to beat!  You and your guests will be provided with a truly unforgettable evening and may find answers to questions you have been asking yourselves for years like:

  • What is my life's purpose?
  • Why does a certain place seem so familiar?
  • Is a potential romantic interest my soul mate?
  • Have I been "here" before?
  • Why do I have a fear of (insert phobia)....
  • Who WAS I?
  • And MORE!

 Sharing a PLR experience with your closest friends can provide tremendous benefit for everyone involved!  Did you know that we "travel" through lives in groups and your friends you will invite to your party may be friends you have known in the past?  Many times remembering previous lives can assist you in your current life by helping you to avoid negative patterns you need to change before moving forward, and can have a positive and rewarding experience by revisiting your "life between lives".  It has been said that having a PLR has been the most spiritual experience of someone's life.  Following the regression each guest will have an opportunity to record their recollections and record in their own provided journal.  Once everyone has had an opportunity to reflect on their experience, they will be able to share with the group or keep it private, the choice is theirs.  

What is Past Life Regression?

PLR (past life regression) is a technique used to revisit a life lived previous to this one.  It can be accomplished through spontaneous memory (Déjà vu), or though dreams.  Many young children speak of their "other families" to their parents, this is also an example of spontaneous recall. Past Lives can also be recalled through a process known as regression hypnosis.  

Regression Hypnotists takes the client back through time to access memories forgotten from previous lives.  The client to put into a deep state of relaxation where they are able to access memories long forgotten or that are unable to be accessed due to all of the "clutter" within the mind (like bills, family, work, obligations, etc.)  In a PLR Party, guests are able to glimpse this snapshot in time and recall important memories that can potentially have a positive impact on their current life.  

Reincarnation has been part of major religion belief systems since 4000 B.C.  Even if you do not believe in past lives, the benefits people have gained from just one session are beyond compare.  Many individuals have reported losing fears, overcoming debilitating pain, and/or gaining peace and clarity after just one session regardless of their religious beliefs or their belief in reincarnation.  

Booking a Party

Anyone can book a party for any sized event, however the recommended minimum number of attendees is 7 guests to include the host/hostess.  PLR Parties can be booked for events such as;

  • Get togethers
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal Showers
  • Graduations
  • Engagement Parties
  • Sleep Overs
  • Just because
  • *special rates apply to groups of 15 or more!
How does it work?

At the beginning of each event guests will be given a short introduction to reincarnation, PLR, and hypnosis.  Once all questions for you and your guests have been answered, and the process explained we will begin the PLR hypnosis portion.  The group will be placed in a deep state of relaxation where they will be able to access their deepest memories.  

PLR sessions conducted in a group setting are kept light and positive and we try not to regress to any traumatic or harmful memories.  In the event one of these memories surfaces, your hypnotist is skilled in separating you from the emotion of these events allowing you to revisit the memory from a distance rather than "reliving" it.  This experience is similar to watching as if you are watching a movie. 

Once the group session is complete, you will be given time to record your experience in a provided journal.  You will have the option of sharing your experience with the group or keeping it private.  Your call.  

Each guest in attendance is able to apply their cost for attending the party toward a private session should they choose to do so.  For example, if their cost to attend the party is $40, they may apply that cost toward a private session.  

What can we expect?

A PLR Party can last between 2-3 hours depending on the number of participants.  Like any other party, the host/hostess is responsible for supplying the venue and refreshments for guests.  No alcohol or medicines (legal, or illegal) that may impair judgement are to be consumed prior to the group session.  

Your hypnotist will begin the group session by placing you and your guests in a deep state of relaxation using guided imagery.  Once the majority of guests have achieved this state, she will start the regression process.  

You and your guests will be guided to a life lives previously that has significant positive value to the life you are currently living.  You may be asked to identify individuals in that life only to find those same individuals play an important role in your current life.  All regressions done during PLR parties focus on positive aspects of your current life and are not intended to work through any past life trauma.  If you feel you have unresolved karma from a previous life, a private session is recommended,  

Your hypnotist

Rev. Tiffany Ruiz, M.Msc. is a board certified hypnotist who specializes in Past Life Regressions.  She has been performing hypnosis since the age of nine.  She became interested in reincarnation after realizing a dream she had at 5 years old was really the memory of a past life.  Since studying the metaphysical and regressions she is a firm supporter of the benefit of recalling past lives and helping others recall their own.  



Minimum recommended number of guests per party is 7.  You may choose to have your guest pay their own cost or you may cover the cost yourself.  A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and the event must be paid in full prior to the start of the party.  

  • 6 -10 Attendees - $40 per person.  Host/Hostess complimentary and not included in total  
  • 11-14 Attendees - $35 person.  Host/Hostess complimentary and not included in total
  • 15+ - Contact for special pricing
Ready to book your party?

Call (915) 329-3325 or click the link below to schedule on your own.  I cannot wait to guide you on your own unique journey!